Our Story

Health is Wealth.

In today’s world, good health is hard to find…

…more than anything else in life. We recognize that we can do so much more when our mind and body function at their optimal levels.

Journey To Health

We set out on an incredible journey to optimize health and reconnect with nature and discovered a product our bodies truly heal and grow stronger from.

Gutwize - Our Journey To Health

We Became Obsessed with the Research, Studies & Results!

Back to the Foundation

Good health is one of the keys to a happy life, right? With all the complexities and toxins of today’s world, we sought something both impactful to our health and easy to integrate with our normal routines that was free of synthetic ingredients.

As we dug deeper and deeper into research, we discovered one morning that the answers were literally at our feet…in the soil! Humans and nature are one connected system. Indeed, we rely on nature and biodiversity for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the nutrients we ingest to build our bodies strong and full of vitality.

We knew 80% of our immune system was connected to the gut, so we set our focus on optimizing this system. We also knew we had to remove toxins before they enter our cells. Our primary goals in product development were to prevent pathogens from binding to the outside of the cells, to control excessive inflammation, inhibit abnormal cell growth, and to restore the innate healing wisdom of the body by optimizing the gut – brain axis. With this focus in mind, and having been presented with the formulation that is “GutWize™ ” by a microbiologist we know we could see its structural complexity made it potentially one of the best detoxification agents on the market, and our clinical results with it indicated it was a product in great need and utility for most people most of the time!

What we Found?


We are simply a part of a larger terrestrial ecosystem that is intimately linked. And the ecosystem’s biodiversity is intimately linked to the foundation of human well-being. No component of the earth is more complex, dynamic, and varied than the layer of living microorganisms that occupy the surface of our planet. With close to 100 trillion of microbes living in and on our bodies, who’s keeping them happy?


What we didn’t know…

Impacted Our Gut?

We realized this same worldwide ecosystem is essential to our own existence and is shaping the microbial biodiversity within and on top of our body’s. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, processed foods, seed oils, over consumption of refined sugars, etc., has resulted in poor levels and balances of the POSTbiotics that we desperately need. The end result of this is a major factor to the chronic illnesses manifesting throughout the industrial world which we experience as poor health (inflammation, leaky gut, IBS, SIBO, diabetes, diarrhea, organ issues, brain fog, nerve issues, and even weight problems).

Diversity, Diversity, Diversity!!!

Now We Know

We’ve been told it’s good to be clean, and it is…to an extent. We were advised to use hand sanitizer, wash our hands regularly, and to shower daily – conditioned to attempt to rid our lives of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Well, truth be told, the overuse of antibiotic hand sanitizers has come at a cost to overall health, as the antibiotics kill both immune protecting microbes as well as pathogenic ones. Combine that with the overuse of antibiotics given to the farm animals we consume, on top of the antibiotics we may take unnecessarily for a bacterial infection that is actually a viral in nature and we consequently impair our microbial diversity living in and on us.

All microbes aren’t harmful! In fact, we co-exist in a very unique relationship with most of them. If we could listen better to what they are trying to tell us, we would hear…. “It’s OK, I’m here to help!” YES, we live with trillions of bacteria, archaea, yeast, molds, fungus, bacteriophages, viruses, helminths, and more. Well, that is when we’re not killing them with antibiotics.

The consequences of having a lack of microbial diversity has been associated with virtually all forms of chronic disease, and as a consequence is leading to massive expenditures in our GDP to treat or manage these modern scourges. A lack of microbial diversity is associated with Alzheimers (1), Parkinson’s (2), Stroke (3), Psychiatric Disorders (4), Heart Disease (5), and virtually all autoimmune disorders (6). We believe strongly that many of the health issues we see today which arise from the lack of microbial diversity will be tied to complications of an absence or imbalance of postbiotic end products.

Over 1,000 Microbes are Used!

How is it Made?

Made in the USA, GutWize™ postbiotic is created through a unique 2 yr fermentation process that creates a distinctive fingerprint of metabolites and functional compounds consisting of proteins, peptides, antioxidants, polyphenols, organic acids, nucleotides, polysaccharides.

We start with microbes sourced from 7 continents around the world. We feed them a proprietary broth of natural, plant-based, and soil-based ingredients. It then goes through a specialized feeding and fermentation process. Then the microbes are deprived of food & oxygen, which causes them to produce a complex array of beneficial metabolites.

At this point GutWize™ postbiotic is considered a “whole food” fermentate because nothing is extracted or processed – we use the whole fermentation by-product. (There are NO living microbes or other organisms after the fermentation process) Following extensive safety and pathogens testing, the result is GutWize™ postbiotic – a whole food fermentate that reinforces the immune system and positively balances the gut microbiome.

We, humans, are just a part of a larger terrestrial ecosystem in which our short-term & long-term wellbeing is intimately linked.

Food plays a basic and subtle role in our overall wellness. While modern life saturates us every day with deadly chemicals and toxins.

Nature is profoundly intelligent and health is more than the absence of sickness, it’s the optimal function of our body’s inter-connected systems.

We are so grateful and honored that you want to be a part of our family because that’s what we are – family. We are all connected and seeking a better and healthier path in life. We want you to reach your own health goals and we can help get you there!

It’s amazing what you can do when you feel healthy, so invest in your health!

Stay strong, and remember “My people die from lack of knowledge!”