A Paradigm Shift

Trillions of Tiny Critters…

Your microbiome is a living ecosystem much like a coral reef with trillions of microorganisms (e.g.,bacteria, fungi, and viruses) needing a constant nontoxic eco-balance to stay healthy and strong. For most, thinking of a healthy body as an extension of a healthy farm is a paradigm shift. However, when you consider that all of our cells get their building blocks, one way or another, from plants and the soil they’re grown in that notion comes into focus. The soil fuels the growth of the plants we consume, or they feed the animals which we consume. With this in mind, it is not too much of a stretch to say: We are the sum of our soil! [1]

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Less Widely Known

POSTbiotics Rule…

The microbes derived from fermented foods like yogurt,sauerkraut, and kimchi have been used for centuries to promote good health. When we eat these foods, they can aid our digestive tract to maintain or obtain a healthier microbial balance. Prebiotics are natural fibers that serve as the food and fuel for those probiotics but can sometimes promote gas, fatigue, and bloating. So, POSTbiotics are the potent byproducts, also known as a “fermentate,” left behind after you’re microbes digest the pre and probiotics. Properly fermented POSTbiotics produce vital nutrients like B vitamins and vitamin K, amino acids, immune regulating short-chain fatty acids, and substances called antimicrobial peptides that help restrict the growth of pathogenic microbes. Studies link POSTbiotics with reduction in risk of inflammatory diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other conditions. [1] [2]

Why do I need a POSTbiotic?

Health Freedom…

The scourge of modern man is a chronic illness, with estimates in the US suggesting that at least 70% of Americans are dealing with some form of chronic disease, resulting in nearly $4 Trillion spent annually on treating those illnesses. However, scientific discoveries reveal a common thread that unites virtually all chronic diseases…a toxic microbiome. If freedom is a desirable attribute, it can not be found if shackled by the weight of a chronic illness. Nutrition by Design endeavor’s to liberate man of our modern scourges by restoring balance within and achieving optimization of the microbiome. GutWize™ is our first step in achieving that and is backed by testimonials of thousands of clients over the past 18 months of testing. [1][2][3]

POSTbiotic Benefits Health Freedom

Discover Gut Flora…

Microbes have an enormous influence on our lives.They clean up the environment, make the soil fertile, and even synthesize some vitamins within our bodies. Many different strains of microbes live peacefully within, around, and upon us and even protect us from other harmful microbes, yet most of us are hardly aware that they even exist. The fact is that many researchers believe supporting gut health will be the number one most important medical goal of the 21st century. The gut microbiome, in particular, is now called the second brain due to the influence of our microbial balance and cognitive function. As a matter of fact, over 100 million nerve cells are found in the lining of our gut alone. [1]

Diet, Antibiotics, Toxins, Additives,

All Impact Our Gut…

Science has revealed that our gut microbes produce or influence the production of mood-altering neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. Some estimates of the microbes living in and on our bodies suggest that there are MORE microbes in a human body than cells that make up a human body. So, with close to 100 trillion tiny critters living in our bodies, what’s keeping them happy? Unfortunately, many modern lifestyles, poor food options, and toxins filling our food, water, and air have significantly impacted our gut microbiome and intestinal health. Once our gut flora has been compromised, things can quickly become inflamed and toxic, allowing harmful microbes through the gut lining, creating IBS, leaky gut syndrome, SIBO, and more! [1] [2] [3]

Potent. Powerful. Pure.

A New Niche to Health Optimization…

Bioactive GutWize™ POSTbiotic is the most powerful new product to soothe and energize the health and function of your gut microbiome. This Optimal Immune System builder—provides unique health benefits typically not found in any pre or probiotics! The truth is unmistakable after decades of research,clinical trials, and scientific studies. Microbiome fitness is an essential key to human health! Our proprietary bioactive GutWize™ is the first and only product of its kind. This potent POSTbiotic fermentate supports the production of natural compounds which inhibit pathogenic overgrowth and impaired GI function for profound long-term system-wide optimization, above and beyond pre and probiotics.

GutWize can start working in hours promoting a healthy gut microbiome.  When POSTbiotics are taken daily they have long-standing capabilities of transforming your overall health, well being, and immune system at its CORE.


I’ve been taking this product for almost a month now. The big difference is I’ve noticed I don’t have a lot of gas or frequent loose stools.

Arthur H

GutWise is great! I take 4 oz a day, which has made a difference in my overall health. I even got my husband to start using it…


I have taken pro biotics for years and never real heard of post biotics, but my sister was taking it and told me about it and I can honestly say it makes my whole digestive system function much more smoothly and regularly. I am just about to finish my third month, and I’m very happy.

MarryAnn C

First, I’m a retired Fire Fighter who has battled on and off with leaky gut and IBS for over 10 years during my career. I’ve tried many products with little to no real results! Well, within the first month of usage and I’m really excited about the changes to my health. I am experiencing some positive changes in food allergies and bloating, as well as a mood swings. I’m giving myself 6 months of experimentation to see what else happens. But so far so good. Wish me luck!

Darl S

Benefits of Living a GutWize™ Life!


Want to fight off harmful molds, funguses, and bacterias that attacks your microbiome.


That Help Produce Immune Cells, Ward Off Infections, And More


Your body’s chemical messengers, for energy, sexual functions, mood alterations and much more.


Your gut microbiota can impact muscle mass, muscle recovery, muscle functions and improve aerobic endurance.


Improves – enhances nutrient absorption, better digestion & increased antioxidant productions.


Numerous studies show POSTbiotics can increase energy levels & bowel regularity.


You need something that keeps inflammation of pathogens and oxidants from getting out of control.


POSTbiotics play a key role in insomnia & the quality of sleep your body needs at night.


Helps improve mood, focus, reduce brain fog, stress, anxiety, & depression.