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You work hard to earn your patients’ trust. We don’t take that lightly. We build evidence-based products that change peoples lives and we stand behind them. That’s a Guarantee you can take to the bank

Wholesale Options Designed with You and Your Clients in Mind.

We know you want what’s best for your patients, you’re looking for a product that is genuinely needed by your patients and meaningful to your business revenues. That is why we offer three different ways to carry our products. Our practitioner Direct-Ship Program is great for those looking to hold small, medium, or zero inventory. We will ship the product directly to your patients and continue to pay your business a commission fee.

We also understand some practitioners prefer (and have the systems in place) to order higher volumes, and in return receive higher discounts, with our Wholesale Program. And we can also offer a combination of the two. Whichever solution you choose, your patients get what matters most – a product that truly works and helps build a healthy immune system.

More Than a


When you join our little family of other like-minded health care professionals across the country who has partnered with Nutrition by Design, you take on more than just a product – you take on a mission to change lives forever. A Nutrition by Design partnership offers reorder opportunities, a host of educational resources, and tools to help you learn more about optimal health, as well as help, grow you’re practice on many levels.

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Today, gut health is the hottest topic of discussion.  But do we really understand the hype vs. the facts? Like did you know that our gastrointestinal system contains 10 times more critical bacteria than the rest of our body and is our first line of protection from disease and infections?

We are focused on creating and funding key product solutions that will create the greatest health result for your clients. When you establish a proessional account with us, you become part of that mission. And we are committed to helping you integrate holistic products into your practice that offer the best results for your clients.

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