POSTbiotic / Humic / Fulvic Blend

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32oz Blend of 50% Humic/Fulvic and 50% POSTbiotics. Unlock your Immune systems full potential with the most powerful gut supplement on the planet.

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Optimal Gut Health

A healthy gut microbiota composition is essential for optimal immune system development and function especially in infants, and has the potential to lower the risk of disease in infancy and beyond.

This proprietary blend of over 1,000 unique soil and water-based microbes collected from 7 different continents worldwide, fermented, and aged for just under two years. Resulting in a cutting-edge formula specially designed for immediate results, high absorption, ensuring that every dose contributes to gut bacteria balancing, or microbiome, on our gastrointestinal health, oxygen intake, and mental clarity. Your total well-being increases.


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