immune system coronavirusThe health catastrophe originated by COVID-19 pandemic construed profound impact on a global scale. However, a plethora of research studies corroborated convincing evidence conferring severity of infection of SARS-CoV-2 with the aberrant gut microbiome that strongly speculated its importance for development of novel therapeutic modalities.

The intense exploration of probiotics has been envisaged to promote the healthy growth of the host, and restore intestinal microecological balance through various metabolic and physiological processes. The demystifying effect of probiotics cannot be defied, but there exists a strong skepticism related to their safety and efficacy. Therefore, molecular signature of probiotics termed as “postbiotics” are of paramount importance and there is continuous surge of utilizing postbiotics for enhancing health benefits, but little is explicit about their antiviral effects.

Therefore, it is worth considering their prospective role in post-COVID regime that pave the way for exploring the pastoral vistas of postbiotics. Based on previous research investigations, the present article advocates prospective role of postbiotics in alleviating the health burden of viral infections, especially SARS-CoV-2. The article also posits current challenges and proposes a futuristic model describing the concept of “precision postbiotics” for effective therapeutic and preventive interventions that can be used for management of this deadly disease.