Our products are ONLY available to NBD MINISTRIES members. We are an Ecclesiastical Private Membership Association with a mission to help people. By purchasing this lifetime NbD Ministries Membership, we can offer our fellow members products, services, and knowledge we otherwise couldn’t if we operated in the more conventional “public” domain. By buying this membership, you not only agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Ministry, but you are helping to fight for your right to obtain health, information, and knowledge that powerful forces endeavor to prevent you from having.



Basic PBA Information

What is a PMA?
PMA is an umbrella term for a variety of associations with the objective of conducting their business in private, versus public. The acronym PMA is used for both secular, Private Membership Associations and also for faith-based, Private Ministerial Associations.

What are the benefits of a PMA?
Being able to operate your business, school, health practice, or church without asking permission from ANY authority is at the top of the benefits list. A PMA is outside of local, state and federal jurisdiction, absent what the Supreme Court has ruled to be a “substantive evil” such as rape or murder.

Are there Different Kinds of PMAs?
Private Associations are commonly known as Private Membership Association, Private Education Association, Private Health Association, Private Ministerial Association (Faith based organization or FBO), Private Drinking Club, Private Social Club, Private Fraternal Organization, Home Owner Association, and others. Regardless of the style of private association, they are all forms of a PMA since you technically don’t have an association without members to associate anyway.

How do I Become a Member of the NbD Ministries PMA?
Your membership purchase for a nominal one-time fee of ten dollars ($10) confirms your acceptance to our membership agreement. Your name is recorded in our membership log, and discounts to new members may result in a zero sum increase in the cost of the product at checkout.

Who May Become a Member?
Individuals 18 years of age or older may sign for themselves.

What if I Don’t Want to be a Member?
If you decide not to be a member, you will not be able to purchase products from us.


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